Sustainable, strong and independent nuclear security regulatory framework

As part of the implementation of a legislative and regulatory framework, an independent regulatory body should have, inter-alia, enough authority, competence, and human and financial resources to discharge its responsibilities. Likewise, other stakeholders, including TSOs and law enforcement agencies, should have adequate competencies and resources. All these players should coordinate closely their activities to implement an effective national nuclear security framework. This session will discuss elements of a strong national nuclear security framework, the criteria and approaches to ensure continuous improvements and sustainability. This session could include, but would not be limited to, the following topics:

  • Legislative and regulatory framework for nuclear security;
  • Strong, sustainable and independent regulatory body; 
  • The role of National Nuclear Security Support Centers (NSSC) and Centers of Excellence (CoE) in sustaining a national nuclear security framework; 
  • Stakeholders involvement in supporting the nuclear security regulatory framework;
  • Nuclear security for newcomers; and
  • Strengthening the global nuclear security framework. 
Session Presentations: 
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