Public Information and Communication

Communicating proactively and responsibly with the public and interested parties, including government institutions, on nuclear security related issues is one of the responsibilities of the regulatory body. Therefore, the establishment of a proper communication strategy and mechanisms among all concerned parties and the general public will support the regulatory body in performing its functions. In this session we will look into the best practices and experiences of how to communicate with national stakeholders and external partners and how to balance confidentiality and transparency. This session could include, but would not be limited to, the following topics: 

  • National strategies and approaches in public information and communication;
  • Communicating nuclear security events to the public and to the international community, as appropriate; 
  • Communication between regulatory body and stakeholders;
  • Confidence building on the actions of the regulatory body;
  • Nuclear security and contemporary communication challenges; and 
  • Information exchange on nuclear security incidents: why and how? 
Session Presentations: 
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