Josep Maria Serena i Sender (CSN)

Josep Maria Serena i Sender was appointed Chairman of the CSN in April 2019. He holds a Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering and a Diploma in Environmental Engineering and Management.

Serena i Sender has been President and CEO of AUMA (consultants in Environment and Energy, S.L.). Among other responsibilities, he has held the position of Chairman of the Environment Commission of the College of Industrial Engineers of Catalonia, he has also been a member of the Advisory Council for Sustainable Development, consultant for the World Environment Fund and for the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (Federal Agency of the United States).

Additionally, he has been a Consultant for the European Union program CETREGIO (collaboration between European and Chinese regions) and a Commissioner of sustainability and circular economy of the technological center LEITAT. Among his teaching duties, he stands out as a professor at ETSEIB and at ESADE.

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